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Forest Garden Events


Our lovely MULTIFAITH FOREST GARDEN is really looking good now.  Thanks to a concerted effort from GrowSheffield, most of the unwanted matting has been lifted; some of the beds have been wood-chipped and all trees & bushes have been pruned.  The pond has created itself. 

We meet and work there on the SECOND SATURDAY EACH MONTH from 11.00 but a special event has been arranged for March.  There will be the usual workday on 9th March (if you're not attending the International Women's Day event at Town Hall or elsewhere) and ALSO, the following Saturday, 16th March, it's THE BIG DIG  Don't worry if you're not up for much heavy digging; moral support, cups of tea ... any kind of help is appreciated.  Or just come to see the Garden.  It's at Parkwood Springs, next to the BMX bike track, near the football fields.  Email if you need more info.

As the Garden has not been properly blessed, I thought we might take the opportunity to do this on (or around) EARTH DAY this year (Earth Day is April 22nd so the blessings would probably be on 21st April)  Same email address or see me at Pagan Pathways one Tuesday for info/suggestions

Bright Blessings,  Lynn