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Comments on Jung talk July 2015

Comments and notes, by Robin Lawrence Ellis following a lecture on CG Jung given by Tim Hill on June 16th 2015

 (See  Notes in the Articles section)

1.       General Comments

This is a workmanlike and reasonably general introduction to Jung's work, though I find the emphasis on certain aspects a bit strange and the neglect of emphasis on others a bit strange. Nonetheless, I would be happy to recommend this essay to anyone requiring an introduction to Jungian thought.

2.       Notes on the text

a)      Freud and the 'Vienna Circle'

In the 19th century, it was a common belief, held by certain intellectual Jews, that the Jews represented a superior intellect to Gentiles.  Freud held this belief and was careful to allow only Jews into the Vienna Circle.  However, he also recognised the need for the psychoanalytical movement to grow outside of his insular group.  He selected Jung as the agent to achieve this; 'Saint Paul' to his 'Saint Peter', to take' the truth' to the 'Gentiles'.  This made Freud the 'father figure' and Jung 'the so', a relationship that was bound, by its very nature, go wrong as Jung was at least of the same intellectual standing as Freud, if not greater.

b)      Sinking into the primitive

Jung's time with the native Americans was of great importance to his understanding of primordial archetypes. It is fair to say that he would not have become the man he became without this experience (see the works of Dr Douglas Sharon (anthropology professor at UCLA). Jung also studied primitive cults in Cornwall (see Approaching Earth by Daniel Noel. See also The Mystery of the Labyrinth by Robin Ellis (available on Pagan Pathways website).

c)       The 'atmosphere' of the Primordial Archetype

The primordial archetypes are recognised by the numinous feeling of awe that characterises their appearances. Thus the Gnostic feels himself in touch with God, the Christian mystic becomes spiritual and the Occultists feels they are getting somewhere in their rites. This is not an illusion! The fact that the 'awe' came from the archetype, rather than from God, means nothing.  As Jung stated categorically: 'an archetype cannot exist without an outside imprinter'.  In other words, the presence of the 'God Archetype' cannot exist without the presence of God to imprint it. This is most important.

d)      Dark Magic and the Shadow

Those who insist on being 'fluffy-bunny' pagans, and only do white magic, never challenge the shadow in themselves and so fail to grow. 'Dark magic', I believe, is an excellent vehicle for exploring the shadow as well as the Anima / Animus.

Dark Magic must not be confused with Black Magic which is pure evil and seems to do harm. Black Magic must be completely disavowed by anybody on a spiritual path.

e)      The psychoidal archetype as the bridge to matter

One of Jung's later works was the study of the psychoidal archetypes, those archetypes that could manifest in physical form, or so he believed. In this field, he briefly studied UFOs - but his real study was that of the sightings over many years of a 'lady'. This lady is always recuperated by the Catholic Church's holy inquisition (now the Office for the Instruction of the Faithful) as the Virgin Mary (BVM).

BVM sightings are always accompanied by a sense of awe, and often take place in locations where the Great Goddess has been worshipped for thousands of years, like at Lourdes. They sometimes involve the taking of psychotropic plants, as at Lourdes. The usually involve children or people of psychic abilities like Bernadette Soubious (who, by the way, never accepted that the creature she talked with was the Virgin Mary. She called it 'the thing'. The inquisition tried everything, including threats to her family, and torture, but she would not agree to their 'adjusted version of the truth'. In the end, she was sent to a nunnery in Newcastle for the rest of her life. She did not speak English so was effectively silenced.

The present great interest in Mary Magdelene, the dark side of the Christian Goddess, may produce some 'Magdalene' sightings 'soon'.

If Jung was right, this will be his greatest discovery, that 'the Psychoidal Archetype is the bridge to matter itself!'.


Robin Lawrence Ellis.

July 2015