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The Esoteric Order of Sekilon

By Silverspear

The number of magical groups, secret societies, or simply societies with secrets that exist in the modern world is impossible to assess. Groups with the term esoteric in their title, however, tend by nature to be the most secretive and elitist, which makes academic study of them even more challenging. Esoteric societies are dedicated to the pursuit of understanding profound truths, which by their very nature of being profound lie beyond the shallow interest and comprehension of the masses.

One such group is the Esoteric Order of Sekilon, and in keeping with all esoteric groups that eschew popular appeal, membership of the EOS is limited to a small number of dedicated individuals. What, therefore, is significantly different about the EOS to distinguish it from other esoteric groups? Primarily, the EOS believes that modern civilization is irredeemably corrupt and that its obsessive materialism and superficial values will ultimately destroy the human race.

But perhaps the most notable feature of the EOS is its abhorrence and rejection of social media, which the Order believes is incurably addictive and elevates self-absorption to new levels of narcissism. This is why the Order reveres Sekilon above any other deity; Sekilon in reverse is “no likes”, which is why the EOS will never grace the pages of Facebook.


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